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Meet Dr. Fili Talamantez

Meet Dr. Talamantez, the driving force behind Talamantez CNC and your trusted partner in achieving optimal health and wellness. As a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, Dr. Talamantez is a leading authority in the application of functional neurology, providing transformative care to patients with various neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

A dedicated expert in his field, Dr. Talamantez currently resides on the Board of Commission on Accreditation of Graduate Education in Neurology. His expertise and commitment to excellence led to his selection as a participant in the development of the National Chiropractic Neurology Board Examination. In addition to his extensive experience in chiropractic neurology, Dr. Talamantez is certified in Electro-diagnostic testing and Acupuncture, further expanding the scope of treatment options available at Talamantez CNC.

Dr. Talamantez's innovative applications of functional neurology have resulted in significant improvements in the quality of life for patients with conditions such as dystonia, POTS, headaches, developmental disorders, migraines, vertigo, pain, and balance issues. His pioneering work includes the development and coordination of case studies for the treatment of dysmenorrhea.

Passionate about educating and inspiring others, Dr. Talamantez devotes considerable time to lecturing and teaching. His engaging seminars enlighten healthcare professionals on the functional approach to chiropractic neurology and demonstrate how it can be applied in practice to help patients achieve maximum results.

When you choose Talamantez CNC, you're not only benefiting from cutting-edge treatments and technology but also partnering with a compassionate and skilled professional dedicated to your health and well-being. Experience the difference Dr. Talamantez can make in your journey toward optimal health by scheduling an appointment today.


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